The story of UDON Asian Food

About UDON

The story of UDON is a story of family, friendship and passion for Asia. Two young entrepreneurs, passionate about Asian culture, began their journey by opening their first restaurant in Barcelona, in 2004. What started out as a family business has now become a benchmark in quality Asian cuisine. Thanks to its success, UDON now has more than 70 restaurants and operates in 5 different countries.


The story of UDON began in 2004. Traveling, a lot of curiosity, and a palate open to new flavors led the two founders of UDON to fall in love with Asian culture and cuisine.


UDON opens its first restaurant in the iconic Born neighborhood in Barcelona.


We open our first franchise and arrive in Madrid.


The Izakayas arrive, our Japanese-inspired tapas.


We open our first international restaurant in Andorra.


Our beloved Corral Chicken Yakisoba arrives on the menu.


We launch our sustainability plan ASAP (As Sustainable As Possible) and reach 50 restaurants.


We win the prestigious Horeca New Business Model Award.


We become leaders in Sustainability by receiving the Sustainability Award from MDR.


We arrive in America with openings in Miami and the Dominican Republic.


We land at San Juan Airport in Puerto Rico.

UDON stands out for its quality products and innovative offerings, emphasizing fresh, quality ingredients to make its own recipes. Our gastronomic proposal revolves around noodles, traditional Asian noodles (Udon, Ramen or Soba), taking center stage. What’s more, we also offer a wide variety of Asian-inspired tapas, rice dishes and vegetarian options.

  • People First

    Respect and teamwork among all people. We want teams of happy people, who feel free to reach their full potential and share their knowledge. Because together we are better.

  • Planet Lovers

    We always act responsibly and with honesty. Because we are aware that what we do has an impact, we want it to be positive, for society and for the environment.

  • Product matters

    We strive for excellence in the products we offer. The best ingredients, sourced from Asia and locally, to offer the best flavor and respect the planet. Good for people and good for the environment.

  • Passion driven

    We are passionate about what we do. Making people happy with our food. Sharing our passion for Asian culture. Working every day in the best way that we can.